About Us

Dr-Scott300I’m Dr. Scott Abrahamson, a chiropractor who enjoys teaching and hopefully, entertaining students.

Back in 2009, my friend Rick Brinkman, ND and I began studying online teaching. We had millions of tips, thousands of tasks, but we learned that CREATING CONTENT takes tenacity, toil, and time alone. I developed several recorded classes for chiropractic assistants. Later, I developed a multimedia course on Boundaries For Doctors.

Since then I have made courses on:
• Documentation/Record Keeping for Physicians-6 hour course
• An Introduction to Injection Therapy for Joint Tissue Repair- Prolotherapy, PRP, etc.
• Stress, anxiety, panic disorders, and PTSD: Resources to help patients.
• Documentation/Record Keeping for Chiropractic Profession (CA’s)- 6 hours

We will now venture into a simultaneous live and online class for chiropractic assistants. The course will include guest lecturers from around the region who will add to the value of our course!